Pokemon GO is certainly one of the phenomena of this century, technology has taken over people’s lives. And madness that began after the famous game appeared in the world, has led to a phenomenon that has stunned the entire population: young people took to the streets and parks with their phones to catch pokemon.


This was quite unexpected, since all stood in the house and playing on the computer. Young people have rediscovered going out in parks in the city by launching the game Pokemon GO. Eyes directly into phones to catch and evolve different Pokemon, children, young people or even people over 30 years trying to make it as good.

Even at first glance, the game seems easy, and all you have to do is to catch Pokemon, this is not true. Rather, the player is cast in a very complex world, a dystopian universe where animals are transformed into monsters with different abilities and with different characteristics.

From weakest Pokemons to most powerful, all are hunted by young people who want to become as good. But to grow as quickly in the account and to get many Pokeball and rare Pokemon, requires certain methods that work pretty good. Battles with other players are an enormous source of pokemon go coins hack, because a method to increase in level is battles with other players. In these battles, it is very important that you use the power of Pokemon: the CP is higher, the best you can be. But nevertheless, if you have luck, you can beat stronger opponents like you.  However, very large differences between Pokemon power can not be exceeded, thereby decreasing the experience.

Your goal is to catch as many Pokemon. But to do that, you have to move a lot. Parls are discovering environments for Pokemon, but first, you have to know how to catch them before catch them. In the lower right corner, you have a grid with pokemon that you can find them around. Under each pokemon are a number of paws. If under one of Pokemon is no paw, it means that it’s right next to you and will appear directly on the map. If he is under a footpad, it means that you have to do within walking distance.

Two paws means that you have to walk 100-200 meters to find the desired Pokemon and three paws, distances vary considerably. But it is not enough to know these things. The order of the grid is very important and it must be interpreted in a zigzag in the upper left corner to the lower right. Specifically, the first Pokemon in the grid is technically the closest, even if everyone you see has three paws.

When you see a grid pokemon you want to catch, start going in one direction, if he descends into the grid, it means you have to change your direction 180 degrees and start walking again. Basically, to find what you like, you have to change direction several times. Niantic company is not the first creation software that focuses on augmented reality. Although it has reached alarming as popularity, Ingress is the first game from the same developer that used a similar recipe. The most interesting part is that it was discovered a very important link between the two products and take advantage of it to cheat a little to Pokemon Go system.

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