There are a lot of classic games that have been played in childhood, and now we have the opportunity to have fun again in variants tailored for smartphones.

Today we have the graphics becoming more realistic and games that often end up even 50GB hard disk, but nothing compares to the joy of rediscovering some classics that you tried in childhood.vzxvadvae

Snake ’97

If you had a Nokia “old days”, then surely you spent some time playing Snake. On how simple it is game on addiction it creates so much, and now you have the chance to play on Full HD or 4K screens, unless you want to go back to a Nokia brick. The game can be downloaded here for Android and iOS here.

Metal Slug 3

This side-scrolling shooter with 2D graphics let you destroy entire waves of monsters, allowing you to make upgrades to use various weapons and power-ups. Although there are options for all games of the series, the third game in the series delivers the best experience. You can download it here for iOS and Android here.

Space Invaders


The legendary Space Invaders led to the disappearance of a good part of 100 yen coins when it was released in Japan in late 1970 keeps mobile version of the classic experience, both in terms of graphics and sound. You can download on Android and iOS here here.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

A classic game management amusement park, created by Chris Sawyer, was ported to mobile platforms. Version for mobile platforms combine the functions of the first two games of the series and comes even with expansion packs, the menu is adjusted for mobile screens. It can be downloaded here for iOS and Android here.

Mega Man X

Ported version of the classic NES action game consoles gives you the same kind of gameplay, but comes with a few microtranzacĊ£ii, but does not affect the gaming experience. It is only available for iOS and can be found here.

Madden NFL

The Madden NFL, where he had to get to the destination as quickly and taxis to transport passengers of the craziest through heavy traffic, turns smartphones. The checks may give you some trouble, but renewed experience of this classic worth trying. The game is available for Android here and for iOS here. There is an application that will greatly help this is called Madden NFL Hack and can be used online.

Madden Mobilevzxcasaeww

Sega brings Sonic the Hedgehog on mobile devices, there are already several classic games of the series available. However, Madden Mobile is the best game adapted to modern technology and running even at 60fps. It is available here for iOS and Android here.

puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble is back with the same gameplay, where you’ll find all the levels you’ve played in the classic version, but with the same sound effects. The gameplay is the same standard, but there are some ways and new features introduced. IOS you can find here.


You can not have a list of classic games without you and Pac-Man between titles. Best selling arcade game in history is back on smartphones and is exactly as you remember. Also, the controls are extremely simple. It is available here for Android and iOS here.


One of the best multiplayer games, Worms, returns to mobile platforms bundled with grenades, rockets and exploding sheep. Remastered version of the first game in the series for iOS is available here, while Worms 2 for Android can be downloaded from here.

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